ADARocks! The First Cardano Blockchain Rockchain NFT RPG

ADA Rockstars

The First Cardano Rockstar NFT RPG!

Every character is unique. Collect and trade your characters, form bands, put on a show, earn tokens. Compete against other bands or join up with your friends to create the ultimate show! Get your Limited Edition NFTs now or be content with finding them on the market later. No NFTs will be minted outside of this series ever. Form your ultilmate band!


NFT Presale

3000 unique rockstar characters minted. Once they are sold out, they're gone. After the sale is over, you must swap, buy, or trade to join the party! No more NFTs in this series will be minted after this sale and the only way to get one will be in the after market.

Band Formation

Collect your band members and form your ultimate Rock band. Collect your entire band or join forces with friends to form the ultimate band. You can form new bands, join existing bands, or try your luck with a solo career.

Earn Tokens

Earn tokens by creating the ultimate band and selling out venues. Compete with other players for an ever larger fanbase. Put your NFTs on tour and please the crowds.


Use your tokens to enhance the skills of your Rockstars. Buy upgrades, merch, touring gear. Trade and exchange tokens with others to enhance your band and stars.


ADARock # 1-100
ADARock # 101-1000
45 ADA each
ADARock # 1001-3000
55 ADA each

About ADARocks

ADARocks is the first RPG on the Cardano blockchain. Buy, swap, and trade your NFT characters in the game or on the NFT market places to form your own unique bands. Earn tokens for competing with players and putting on shows. Tokens can be used to purchase in-game equipment, enhance your characters, or to trade with others.

To take part in the game, players must hodl at least one NFT character to join a band. If a player has enough NFT characters, they can form their own band for complete control over its destiny! Don't worry if you do not have enough characters to form a band, you can always form groups with your friends and leave or join a new band at any time.

There will be no more characters minted after this series. Once the NFT characters are sold out, they must be aquired through market places or friends with some to spare.

Gameplay will be live after the launch of Cardano smart contracts and Babel fees using native ROCK tokens for character enhancement and other gameplay activities.

Smart Contracts
Babel Fees